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Prop Money Realistic Stacks Fake Replica UK Pounds GBP Bank

  • £8.99
Tax included.
  • HIGH QUALITY REPLICA PROP MONEY: Our movie money props have been created using the highest quality printing machines ensuring high quality for the Film and TV industry, the stacks are designed to look as close to the real thing as possible for the TV, film and advertising industry
  • WHAT YOU GET: In your pack you will get 100 notes of your chosen denomination, we have £50, £20, £10 and £5 stacks, wrapped in a realistic money band, we also send a spare wrap with the package in case you need a spare
  • IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE: We have ensured the props we create are legal to use, and therefore we have had to make them slightly bigger than actual notes, also they are printed only on one side, the front has to include the word “specimen” across it, these are the rules set by the Bank of England
  • COMPLETE STACK: As we can only print on one side, to complete the stack one note will have the back design so it looks like the stacks are more realistic, also the money band carefully hides the word "specimen" so it will still look perfect on camera
  • USE THE BEST: Our money stacks are perfect for the Film and TV industry, or even for Casino parties, dress up, pretend play for children and even pranks friends and family, we will ensure you get the highest quality prop money