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Spitfire 3D Pop Up Card

  • £5.99
Tax included.
  • THE MOST WONDERFUL CARD: Our flying spitfire card is handmade to produce an elegant and intricate 3D pop up card.
  • SPITFIRE CARD: Our card displays the most famous and recognised planes flown by the Royal Air Force in history. The plane represents triumph, history, and patriotism. The card if perfect to give to fans of history and war, as well as plane enthusiasts.
  • THE SURPRISE: When opened, the recipient will be surprised with a popup art that is intricate and designed to perfection that will create a lasting memory.
  • PERSONALIZE WITH EASE: The card comes with a note card inserted in the card, here you can write out a message for the receiver of the card, to ensure you don't ruin the artwork of the card but also a lasting message is given with the card
  • A LASTING CARD: We wanted to make a card that one keeps, we promise this card will not be simply put in the bin after the occasion; it honestly is a card that will be kept and displayed at home. We include the card sized 12.7 x 17.8 cm, an envelope, and pull-out message card within the package